Maj Gen TK Kaul: Recipient of the Saraswati Award

The Kailash Math Trust in Nasik is a medical and social charitable organization that offers products and services related to community & social services. Besides, it is actively involved in promoting the following:

  •  Animal Husbandry
  •  Dairying & Fisheries
  •  Welfare of the elderly
  •  Agriculture
  •  Children welfare
  •  Art & culture
  •  Civic betterment
  •  Dalit upliftment
  •  Drinking water access
  •  Literacy
  •  Environment & Forests
  •  Health & Family Welfare
  •  Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation
  •  Tribal Affairs
  •  Tourism

The Saraswati Award is instituted by this trust to honour civilians who have effectuated exemplary changes to benefit society at large in any of the above spheres of upliftment. Maj Gen T Kaul enjoyed the distinction of receiving this celebrated award for rendering yeomen’s social services to humanity.

This speaks a lot about Maj Gen Kaul and his honourable intentions for the betterment of people. No wonder then that he is making inroads in the peace talks process between Pakistan and India through the IPSI with a view to resolve differences and kindle progress.