The IPSI: On the side of the angels

The India Pakistan Soldiers Initiative for Peace (IPSI) was founded by the late Padma Vibhushan recipient, social activist and Gandhian, Miss Nirmala Deshpande with the noble ideal of promoting eternal peace between Pakistan and India.

The IPSI is represented by retired defence personnel of India and Pakistan, who are gunning for peace, disengagement and rapprochement through meetings, events and talks with influential leaders of both nations. Asking them to get over the trust deficit and end the animosity. The organization strives to keep both countries engaged in a progressive dialogue and initiate people-to-people contacts.

These military stalwarts who once roared commands at the warfront are today crusaders of peace, strongly condemning war and chanting the mantra for peace. Trying to evince the rich dividends that lie in a peaceful coexistence, which hold the promise of progress and prosperity.

Post Retirement, Gen Tej Kaul has been the lead functionary for various initiatives of the IPSI. Mani Shankar Aiyar, former Minister and MP, is its current Chairperson. Lt Gen Moti Dar, the former Vice Chief of Army, is the ongoing President of the IPSI India Chapter, while Lt General Mohd Nasir Akhtar is the ongoing President of the IPSI Pakistan Chapter. Maj Gen T Kaul is the current Executive President of the IPSI India Chapter.

The IPSI suffered a blow with the demise of Nirmala Deshpande, but lumbered on in its mission despite facing setbacks. With able leaders such as Maj Gen Tej Kaul being the linchpins.

Maj Gen Kaul, along with the IPSI chapters in India and Pakistan has always been vociferous in their condemnations of acts of violence that thwart the peace process between both countries.

A peace march, which was organized by the Executive President of the IPSI India chapter, Maj Gen TK Kaul, saw representation from the IPSI Pakistan chapter. This march started at Nariman Point in Mumbai and ended at Mani Bhavan, the historic residence of India’s greatest freedom fighter.

With its members growing in numbers, the IPSI is one, well-knit family consisting of citizens of both countries, demonstrating the love and bonding that they share despite their cultural and political diversities. They also go across the border to attend the marriages of the children of their counterparts.