Maj Gen T Kaul: Enviable Accomplishments

Maj Gen Tej Kaul had the rare distinction of being the sole interface between the Army, MOD and MEA, and holding the prestigious quasi diplomatic appointment of the DDG (Foreign Division), which gave him golden opportunities to interact with officials at the highest levels, both in India & overseas. He has been a lead member of various negotiating delegations within India and countries like USA and China.

Maj Gen T Kaul has delivered talks at various forums, in India & other countries on topics ranging from HR, Intelligence & Security, Disaster Management, the Kashmir Affairs imbroglio, to Home Land Security, and the safe Cities concept. He was invited to address the Nigerian Parliamentary Committee on Defence concerning the PPP model in the defense production in Nigeria.

Maj Gen Tej Kaul has been instrumental in the design of the security of various prestigious projects in India including the sacred shrine at Shirdi in Maharashtra, which receives the highest footfall of devotees. His consultation has been sought after for many years by numerous corporates and government bodies, including the prestigious IPL & other Cricket tournaments for evolving Security Training and Risk & Security Analysis.

The thesis on Psychological Warfare developed by Gen T Kaul, which details the use of propaganda, has been widely accepted and published in the National Defence College publication, and shared among the Commonwealth countries (USA, Europe, Africa and Far East).

What’s more, Maj Gen Kaul conceived & organized mega training and professional & cultural events at the state, national & international level, including “Know Your Army” mega exhibitions in various cities. The Indian Army has now charted this in its calendar as an annual key event, scheduled to be held at various places.

Gen T Kaul has also been credited for upgrading the existing assets and infrastructure within Maharashtra and Gujarat, and evolving strategies for a robust Disaster Management action plan for the whole of Maharashtra, especially in Mumbai.

As Head - Foreign Division Military Intelligence, Maj Gen TK Kaul acted as a key interface between the Army, MOD, MOH and MEA. He undertook the responsibility of coordinating the working of the Indian military attaches and missions deployed in India and across the world. This involved formulating, coordinating and handling visits of VVIP delegations to India & ex India. The job involved analyzing inputs related to political, economic and military affairs received from Indian military attaches and missions across the world.

With immense experience in high altitude terrains like the Kumaon Regiment, Maj Gen Kaul was also a key member of the faculty responsible for imparting training to officers of the Indian and foreign armies on matters related to Intelligence & Security Management. It encompassed studies on Geo Political & Economic Environment, Security Appreciation and Risk Analysis.