A man for whom the word ‘retirement’ doesn’t exist

Maj Gen Kaul is a man of focus, will and boundless energy. After earnestly serving the Indian Army for over four decades, Maj Gen TK Kaul has actively engaged himself in the honourable work of championing for peace through the India Pakistan Soldiers Initiative for Peace (IPSI). Besides this, he is much sought after as a sound strategist, top-notch manager, and expert advisor by several corporate and government entities today.

With his versatility, multi-tasking ability and high accomplishments, Maj Gen Tej Kaul has taken charge of numerous responsibilities that are as varied as they are challenging and fulfilling for him.

He has held eminent positions in Government Bodies & Corporates, which include:-

  • Member, Maharashtra State Disaster Management Authority
  • Advisor & Consultant Security, Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Sansthan
  • Director, Suraj Diamonds & Jewellery Ltd
  • Director, OTC Exchange of India
  • Chairman, Tricolor Advisory Services Pvt Ltd
  • Director, Tricolor Advisory Fund Pvt Ltd
  • Patron, Kashyap Trust, Kashmiri Samiti, Mumbai
  • Patron, Snehbhandhan Foundation
  • Patron, Centre for Obesity & Surgery Support
  • Hon Secretary, Bombay Management Association
  • Advisor to ECOVIS India, Mumbai

His own initiative, Tricolor Consultants Private Ltd is aimed at giving back to his fellowmen, who like him are keen on working even after retirement. Maj Gen T Kaul offers these retired officers from the armed forces a second career, with the opportunity of taking on middle to senior level managerial positions in the corporate world.